Head to Head with a Messerschmitt

Scramble and Tailchase the 'Buchon' ME109

New for 2023 your Spitfire can go up against a 109 and tailchase over Battle of Britain country.

This experience upgrade pits your T.IX Spitfire against Hispano Buchon ‘White 9’, a Spanish built version of the Messerschmitt Bf109. From the 1st of May 2023 you can add this WWII opponent to fly with any of our 2 Seat Spitfire flight options.

You can even choose to add the Buchon to a formation Spitfire flight or get spectacular air to air photo opportunities by combining it with our passenger chase plane flight.

Find out more about ‘White 9’ Hispano Buchon

ME109 Tailchase image ME109 Tailchase image
ME109 Tailchase image ME109 Tailchase image

You’ll have a full pre-flight brief with your pilot before our ground crew strap you into the Spitfire rear cockpit. Your Spitfire will then zig zag along the taxiway in preparation to depart Biggin Hill.

Once airborne you pilot will demonstrate the controls with some gentle manouvres including the famous Victory Roll. If you wish you’ll have the opportunity to take the controls and fly the Spitfire yourself. It’s then time to patrol the skies over Kent watching out for the ‘Hun in the Sun’, scanning the skyline for the menacing outline of the 109 with yellow flashes and distinctive black cross.

When contact is made your pilot will position the Spitfire to engage ‘White 9’ and a tailchase will ensue. The experience will be tailored to ensure your comfort whilst still maintaining the excitement of a Spitfire vs 109 engagement.


  • Take off from Bigin Hill and seek out the enemy 109 in your Spitfire
  • Engage in an exhilarating tail chase experience
  • Fly in formation as you return to Biggin Hill
  • Ground viewing of the Spitfire and Buchon with your guests
  • Guided Tour of our Spitfire Factory included
  • Onboard Camera footage included
  • Guided Tour of our Spitfire Factory included
  • NOTE Only available in addition to an existing Spitfire flight from Biggin Hill
  • Available from 1st May 2023 at Biggin Hill
Kent ME109 Tailchase +£1275
In addition to any Spitfire flight (20 mins)
Leeds Castle 109 Tailchase +£1650
Extended Spitfire and Me109 Flight over Kent (25 mins)
Beachy Head 109 Tailchase +£2400
Spitfire vs Me109 over the coast (35 mins)
White Cliffs of Dover Tailchase  +£3150
Spitfire vs 109 over Dover (45 mins)
Battle of Britain 109 Tail Chase +£3900
The ultimate aerial pursuit over historic Battle of Britain airfields (55 mins)

Kent ME109 Tail Chase option can be combined with any duration Spitfire flight

The Buchon is more sensitive to cross winds than the Spitfire so availability cannot be guaranteed.

Aircraft is a Spanish built Messerschmitt 109 'Buchon'