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Spitfire Formation Flights with 2 or 3 Spitfires

The only thing more spectacular than a Spitfire flight is a formation Spitfire flight!

We have multiple 2 Seat T9 Spitfires based at Biggin Hill so can provide formation flights on most days. You and a friend or loved one can dance through the skies in two, or even three of our Supermarine Spitfires.

Formation options are available for all our listed flight routes and we can also include formation flights in our P51 Mustang.

Our Chase Plane flights can be combined with your Spitfire formation so friends and family can join you in the skies and capture you and your wingman as you patrol the skies.

Formation flights image Formation flights image
Formation flights image Formation flights image
  • Fly in formation alongside a friend or family member in multiple Spitfires
  • Available as an upgrade to any pair of Spitfire flight bookings
  • Available for all flight routes including White Cliff options to Beachy Head or Dover
  • Up to three Spitfires can fly together in formation (call us to book)
  • On board Video footage is included from all aircraft
  • A Chase Plane can also be combined with a formation Spitfire flight
  • Formation flights are only currently available at Biggin Hill
Upgrade on line or call 01959 576 767 to book your formation Spitfire flight
Cost £600 for two or £1600 for three aircraft; in addition to your chosen Spitfire flight durations.

See it in action

Biggin Hill Formation Spitfire Flights