Fly a Spitfire at Cotswold Airport / RAF KEMBLE

Gateway to the West of England

Spitfire Flights from COTSWOLD Airport – It’s the largest private business airport in the South West (airport code EGBP). It was previously know as RAF KEMBLE and has a rich aviation history.

RAF Kemble was built in 1936 and was home to RAF maintenance unit No.5 During the second world War Kemble was one of the main bases handling aircraft deliveries to bases around the UK. Numerous Spitfire would have passed through Kemble en-route to active Squadron airfields.

Between 1966 and 1983 the Red arrows were based at RAF Kemble operating the Folland Gnat and then Bae Hawk aircraft. After this period the US Airforce moved in and the airfield was used as a maintenance facility for A-10, F15’s, C-130 Hercules, Northrop F5 and the Boeing Stratotanker.

The airfield was then taken on by the British Army who stored equipment and surplus vehicles. In 2021 the airfield left military hands and was sold to Ronan Harvey who renamed the airfield to Cotswold Airport in 2009. His daughter Suzannah now runs the airport which is home to diverse range of aviation businesses and flying schools. Spitfire passenger flights started from Cotswold Airport in 2023. The unique location between London and Bristol

Spitfire flights at Cotswold Airport image Spitfire flights at Cotswold Airport image
Spitfire flights at Cotswold Airport image Spitfire flights at Cotswold Airport image

Fly from RAF KEMBLE home to the RAF’s oldest Maintenance Unit and Head Quarters for the RAF Service Ferry Pools who co-ordinated with the Air Transport Auxilary (ATA) to deliver Spitfires and other aircraft across the country.

  • Our Spitfires are GENUINE 1940’s RAF Veterans
  • All flights include the opportunity to perform the legendary Victory Roll
  • All our Spitfires have dual controls and radio comms
  • Multiple flight routes with stunning views
  • We are the largest Spitfire maintenance and restoration facility in the world with unmatched engineering support, spares holdings and CAA approved engineering facilities
  • Unlimited viewing facilities for your friends and family
  • Easy access from the M4 Motorway and via rail at Kemble Station
  • AV8 Cafe onsite
  • The only operator to have spare Spitfires available in case of unserviceability
  • 2009m Hard runway plus an immaculate grass strip
  • FREE onboard video of your flight included onboard
  • FREE flight certificate, flight patch and set of Air Council pilots notes for the Spitfire Mk IX
  • See Cotswold Airport Spitfire Flight Options

    We also offer Spitfire flights from Biggin Hill Airport in Kent


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Spitfire flights at Cotswold Airport