By: flying-admin

How many spitfires are still flying?

Out of the 20,000+ Spitfires that were built from 1938 to 1948, today, just a handful of these (around 60) are still airworthy.

So, where are the others? Of course, the vast majority were destroyed in combat or simply scrapped after the war, but of the survivors, 70-odd are used for static display in museums around the world while roughly 110 are either held in storage or are being actively restored to flying condition.

During the Battle of Britain, it was recorded that nineteen squadrons were responsible for shooting down 521 enemy aircraft. This equates to just under 30 per Spitfire, making it clear why they hold such a place in British history.

Of those that are airworthy, it comes as no surprise that just over half are based in the UK, 15 of which are proudly on display here at the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar where you can take a tour of the hangar, see our restoration projects, fly with a Spitfire, or sit in one.

You can even fly in a 2-seater Spitfire from RAF Biggin Hill, the most famous Battle of Britain fighter station, and walk in the footsteps of those brave young men who fought from here in 1939-1945. See our aircraft page to look at some of the Spitfires that call Biggin Hill home.

Our Spitfire T9s are genuine, original, combat veterans, not new-build aircraft. This means our flights are authentic and a-once-in-a-lifetime experience. As well as this, the knowledge, experience and care available here is unrivalled. So, if you are looking for the perfect place for your Spitfire flight, look no further.

If you’d like to see the Spitfires for yourself, book a tour, book a sit in a Spit, fly next to a Spit or even fly in one yourself – then contact us today and book your date with history.