Meet The Pilots


Chief Pilot, Dan is a former RAF test pilot who began his operational career on Harriers. Passing the RAF test pilots school course, he also attended the US Air Force test pilots school, where he flew everything from B52s to F16s. Dan‘s favourite is the Spitfire.


Richard has 20,000 flying hours. Formally a BA training Captain, he is an instructor and examiner on fixed wing and helicopter aircraft and has flown extensively for the British and Jordanian Royal families. He was appointed a Lieutenant of the Victorian Order by Her Majesty in 2009.


Don flew Royal Navy Sea Harriers operationally in Bosnia. He commanded the Royal Navy Historic Flight and later flew commercially on the Jetstream 41 and the Embraer 145, Legacy, Sovereign and Bombardier Global Express. He has over 1,000 hours on Spitfires.


Smithy joined the RAF in 1983 and has nearly 8,000 flying hours. He flew Chinooks operationally and Jaguars over Iraq and Bosnia. He was a Red Arrows pilot and commanded the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight before joining he Blades Aerobatic Team. He currently flies Typhoons on 29 Squadron.


Pete Kynsey learnt to fly at the age of 17, making flying and instructing his career. He has flown Helicopters, Boeing 737, 757s and 767s, was in the British Aerobatic Team and has flown most types of Allied and German WW2 fighters still airworthy.


Jez gained his licence in 2005, and went on to fly 757s and 767s commercially. He has also flown the Tiger Moth, P40 Prentice, DH Devon, Jackeroo, and Harvard before progressing to the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar in 2018, flying two-seat and Single-seater Spitfires.


Anna Walker started flying gliders at the age of 13 and has been a competition aerobatic and display pilot since 1993.


In 1999 she gained her commercial licence and started running her own aerial work business. She is a flying instructor on land and seaplanes, has flown more than 60 types of aircraft and is a current display pilot on the Spitfire, Hurricane and Mustang.


Barry Hughes is a highly-experienced flying instructor who has flown numerous types of historic aircraft. Based in Essex, he currently flies our two-seat Spitfires as often as he can.


Charlie has flown a number of commercial aircraft including Airbus 320,321 and 330 at Monarch Airlines, A340s at Virgin Atlantic . He also flies a private Gulfstream Jet when he’s not flying Spitfires . With 11,300 flying hours and 3000+ instructional hours Charlie has a wealth of flying experience including holding two National Aerobatic Championships!