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Silver spitfire – the longest flight

Around the world in a Spitfire

Ambitious plans are underway to circumnavigate the globe in a Mk IX Spitfire owned by Boultbee Flight Academy at Goodwood.

The heavily-anticipated refurbishment of Spitfire MJ271, which was built in 1943 at Castle Bromwich, and which flew 51 combat missions, was completed in May 2019. The restored Spitfire is still 90 per cent original, having been completely stripped down to its component parts, refurbished and reassembled. The guns have been removed and the iconic aircraft now has a distinctive polished aluminium finish. This has been done to make the Spitfire look less war-like, and to show off the beauty of the original design. It has been equipped with extra fuel tanks to extend the range beyond the standard 350 miles.

Spitfires that flew from aircraft carriers to defend Malta routinely covered distances of over 600 miles, some landing on fumes, but it demonstrates that a fighter conceived for a short-range defensive role can be modified to suit a different purpose.

The round-the-world flight is scheduled to begin on the 5th August 2019 at Goodwood and is expected to return to the UK by December 7, 2019.

The intended route will see Boultbee bosses Matt Jones and Steve Brooks fly the Silver Spitfire, first in the direction of Iceland, then over Greenland, into Canada and the USA, before crossing the Bering Strait, over Japan, China, and Burma, into the Middle East, North Africa and finally Europe, from where it will head home having made 150 stops in over 30 countries and having flown 43,000 kilometres.

The detailed flight route and dates of arrivals are listed below:

Chichester/Goodwood Airport UK
Dundee Airport UK 05/08/19
Kirkwall Airport UK 05/08/19
Vagar Airport FARO ISLES 06/08/19
Reykjavik Airport ICELAND 06/08/19
Kulusuk Airport GREENLAND 07/08/19
Kangerlussuaq GREENLAND 08/08/19
Broughton Island, NU CANADA 09/08/19
Iqaluit Airport, NU CANADA 09/08/19
Kuujjuaq Airport, QC CANADA 10/08/19
Wabush, NL CANADA 11/08/19
Mont Joli, QC CANADA 11/08/19
Ottawa Gatineau, QC CANADA 12/08/19
Laurence G Hanscom USA 14/08/19
Teteboro, NJ USA 17/08/19
Burlington Executive Airport, ON CANADA 20/08/19
Huntington USA 21/08/19
Oskaloosa USA 21/08/19
Gothenburg Muni USA 22/08/19
ERIE Municipal – Denver USA 22/08/19
Colorado Springs USA 24/08/19
Cortez Municipal USA 24/08/19
Nellis AFB USA 24/08/19
Mojave Air and Space Port USA 25/08/19
Santa Monica Municipal USA 25/08/19
Hayward Executive USA 28/08/19
Fallon NAS (Van Voorhis Field) USA 28/08/19
Roberts Field USA 29/08/19
Snohomish County (Paine Field) USA 29/08/19
Vancouver/Boundary Bay Airport, BC CANADA 29/08/19
Port Hardy Airport, BC CANADA 02/09/19
Prince Rupert Airport, BC CANADA 02/09/19
Wrangell USA 03/09/19
Juneau International USA 03/09/19
Yakutat USA 04/09/19
Valdez Pioneer Field USA 04/09/19
Merrill Field – Anchorage USA 04/09/19
Iliamna USA 05/09/19
Aniak USA 05/09/19
Unalakleet USA 05/09/19
Nome USA 05/09/19
Provideniya Bay Airport RUSSIA 08/09/19
Anadyr Airport – Ugolny) RUSSIA 09/09/19
Markovo RUSSIA 10/09/19
Severo – Evensk RUSSIA 10/09/19
Magadan Sokol Airport RUSSIA 11/09/19
Okhotsk Airport RUSSIA 12/09/19
Chumikan RUSSIA 12/09/19
Khabarovsk Novy RUSSIA 13/09/19
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Airport RUSSIA 14/09/19
Sapporo Airport JAPAN 15/09/19
Sendai JAPAN 16/09/19
Chofu Airport (Tokyo) JAPAN 17/09/19
Miho JAPAN 23/09/19
Seoul Airport S. KOREA 24/09/19
Yantai CHINA TBC 27/09/19
Zhengzhou CHINA TBC 28/09/19
Wuhan CHINA TBC 29/09/19
Chengdu CHINA TBC 30/09/19
Guiyang CHINA TBC 10/10/19
Nanning CHINA TBC 11/10/19
Ha Noi/Noi Bai International Airport VIETNAM 12/10/19
Luang Phabang LAOS 17/10/19
Mandalay MYANMAR 18/10/19
Chittagong Shah Amanat Airport BANGLADESH 19/10/19
Kolkata Airport INDIA 21/10/19
Kanpur Airport INDIA 22/10/19
IAF Hindon – Delhi INDIA 22/10/19
Jodhpur Airport INDIA 25/10/19
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport INDIA 28/10/19
Karachi Jinnah International. Airport PAKISTAN 29/10/19
Gwadar Airport PAKISTAN 30/10/19
Al Maktoum International Airport UAE 31/10/19
Abu Dhabi – AL Bateen Exec Airport UAE 01/11/19
Bahrain International Airport BAHRAIN 03/11/19
Kuwait Airport KUWAIT 08/11/19
Aqaba/King Hussein Int Airport JORDAN 09/11/19
Hurghada Airport EGYPT 12/11/19
Cairo International Airport EGYPT 14/11/19
Larnaka Airport CRETE 15/11/19
Rhodes GREECE 16/11/19
Eleftherios Venizelos Airport GREECE 17/11/19
Ioannis Kapodistrias Airport GREECE 18/11/19
Taranto-Grottaglie Airport ITALY 19/11/19
Pescara Airport ITALY 19/11/19
Genoa ITALY 20/11/19
Cannes FRANCE 20/11/19
Milan Bresso ITALY 22/11/19
Dubendorf Airport SWITZERLAND 25/11/19
Paris Le Bourget Airport FRANCE 28/11/19
Schiphol / Amsterdam HOLLAND 01/12/19
Chichester/Goodwood Airport UK 04/12/19

The Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar and Fly A Spitfire applaud this bold undertaking and hope that the Silver Spitfire mission is a roaring success. We’ll be keeping a keen eye on their progress.

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Images credit: John Dibbs/Simon Smith