Silver Spitfire – the longest flight

Around the world in a Spitfire


Ambitious plans are underway to circumnavigate the globe in a Mk IX Spitfire owned by Boultbee Flight Academy at Goodwood.

Spitfire MJ271, currently being refurbished at Duxford, will have extra fuel tanks installed to extend the range beyond the standard 350 miles. Spitfires that flew from aircraft carriers to defend Malta routinely covered distances of over 600 miles, some landing on fumes, but it demonstrates that a fighter conceived for a short-range defensive role can be modified to suit a different purpose. Photo reconnaissance Spitfires had their range extended by removing all surplus weight removed and having a bigger oil tank fitted.

The intended route will see Boultbee bosses Matt Jones and Steve Brooks fly the Silver Spitfire first in the direction of Iceland, then over Greenland, into Canada and the USA, before crossing the Bering Straits, over Japan, China, and Burma, into the Middle East, North Africa and finally Europe, from where it will head home having made 150 stops in over 30 countries and having flown 43,000 kilometres.

The Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar and Fly A Spitfire applaud this bold undertaking and hope that the Silver Spitfire mission goes well and is a roaring success.

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Images credit: John Dibbs/Simon Smith