Please note the responses to the FAQ below are provided for general information only.  Please read our standard terms and conditions, which form part of our contract with you, for the definitive information.

How much does it cost?

The entry price for our standard experience is £2,975.00.  This 30-minute experience (minimum 20 minutes airborne) can be extended by purchasing additional flight time.  See our website booking facility for further details.


If you are considering other suppliers, when comparing packages, it is important to make sure exactly how much FLIGHT (airborne) time is included within your experience along with any extras such as video recordings and guest facilities and tours.


We will be pleased to arrange bespoke packages.  These can include the opportunity to fly in formation with our Chase Plane.

What is included?

In addition to your flight, you will receive the following benefits:


The opportunity to bring along up to four guests for free (additional guest spaces £39)

A guided hangar tour for you and your guests

A framed certificate, signed by your pilot, as a reminder of your flight

A free in flight video (subject to any unexpected technical issues)

A woven Spitfire flight patch

A set of reproduction RAF Spitfire Mk IX pilot’s notes

We also have a limited selection of merchandise available including commemorative mugs and books.

Can we do aerobatics?

Some passengers choose to fly generally straight and level, whilst others enjoy a more dynamic flight.  Subject to suitable weather conditions, all passengers are offered the opportunity to experience aerobatic manoeuvres in the Spitfire, including a Victory Roll.

Am I able to take the controls?

These are not ‘instructional’ flights however all aircraft have dual controls.

Can I get to the coast in 20 minutes?

Twenty minutes is sufficient flight time to go to the Thames Estuary and towards the Weald of Kent.  If you extend your trip by an additional 15 minutes, this will allow you to get to Beachy Head where you can see the famous lighthouse and white cliffs.  An additional 25 minutes will take you to the white cliffs of Dover.

When can I fly?

We fly all year round everyday of the week weather permitting. Schedule dates can be found online, if your preferred date isn’t listed please call us as we can usually arrange extra days by arrangement. All dates are subject to weather, aircraft serviceability and airtraffic.

Why should I fly at Biggin Hill?

There is no more iconic a location than Biggin Hill, a crucial RAF Sector Station in the Battle of Britain and synonymous with Spitfires and Hurricanes. The Heritage Hangar where the flights take place is the world’s leading Spitfire restoration centre. The knowledge, experience and care available here is unrivalled. The other factor to consider is that Biggin Hill has tarmac runways which means that as soon as it stops raining, flying is back on, it does not get water-logged like a grass airfield can.

Are there any age, weight, height or medical restrictions?

SPITFIRE – The minimum age to fly is 18. The maximum weight is 238lb (17 stone) (108 Kg). The maximum height is 6’6″ inches (1.98 m). You will be weighed and measured on the day.


MUSTANG – The minimum age to fly is 18.  The maximum weight is  (16.5 stone) (105 Kg). The maximum height is  6’2″ (1.87 m).
You will be weighed and measured on the day. Please note there are no dual controls in the Mustang.


Further to the above restrictions, your physique must be such as to permit free movement of the controls. This will be checked by the pilot on the day, and exceptionally, some of those fulfilling the basic requirements above, may still be unable to fly.


You need to be physically agile enough to climb into and out of the aircraft and safely experience the dynamic nature of the flight – if you have any concerns over your suitability you should consult your GP. You should not participate if you are medically precluded from holding a driving licence, suffering from a cold, are pregnant or suffering from any condition affecting your breathing or consciousness.


It is generally accepted that if you are fit enough to hold a driving licence you should be fit enough to participate in this activity

I am concerned about the maintenance of the aircraft – who does it?

We operate from the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar, which is the largest Spitfire restoration and maintenance facility anywhere in the world.  At any time we typically have 10-15 Spitfires, Hurricanes and other aircraft on site.


We have our own CAA approved maintenance organisation, with licenced engineers on site, who have access to one of the largest Spitfire spares holdings in existence.

What can we do during the flight?

The content of the flight is very much determined by the passenger. Some like to fly generally straight and level and soak up the experience whereas others like to do some manoeuvring and aerobatics. You will get an opportunity to discuss your flight and what you would like to do with the pilot before you depart.

Can I buy a flight as a gift?

Yes gift flights are available and can be bought via the website without a date booked. The recipient can book their own date with us.

How long should I allow for the experience?

While two hours is usually sufficient to cover briefings and the flight, it is recommended that you make as much of the day available as possible to cover unforeseen delays such as weather.


Youll be allocated a briefing time when you book. You’d usually expect to be flying around 45 minutes after arrival however exact timings depend on external factors such as weather and air traffic control requirements. Please allow plenty of time at the venue to cover pre-flight briefings, Q&A sessions with the pilot, photography time, and for any weather delays.

Do I need to bring any special clothing?

You can arrive in normal everyday clothes, but you will be kitted out with your own personal protective equipment consisting of a flight suit worn over your clothes plus helmet and gloves. You will need to provide your own footwear which should provide a good grip.

Can I bring friends and family along with me?

Accompanying friends and family are welcome, but limited to a maximum of four guests per passenger for free, additional guest spaces can be pre-booked for £39. While we would like to be able to welcome additional guests we do not have the facilities to accommodate significant numbers. Great viewing facilities exist with a balcony offering panoramic airfield views. Other guests can spectate for free at the Lookout Coffee Shop at the airfield entrance.

Can I bring a someone in a wheelchair?

Unfortunately, our viewing facility is elevated which provides an excellent view of the activity at Biggin Hill.  Access is by a flight of stairs.  However, the facility has wheelchair friendly access and an alternative waiting area, albeit with no view of the airfield.

Is there a Café nearby?

We have vending machines available on-site providing snacks, tea and coffee. There are several cafes within a short drive.

What happens if the weather is bad?

If your flight has to be postponed due to poor weather you will be offered an alternative date or dates. We will attempt to contact you the day before your flight if the weather is looking unsuitable. If you hear nothing, please arrive for your scheduled report time.

What happens if the aircraft becomes unserviceable?

If your flight has to be postponed due to a technical fault with the aircraft, you will be offered an alternative date or dates.

Can I take a camera or is there an in-flight video available?

As you are not able to take a camera up with you, we provide a video recording of your flight free of charge. No technology is 100% reliable and as such the content of the recordings cannot be guaranteed, however they have been very successful in virtually all cases.

Can you take a deposit or can I pay by instalments?

For online bookings we take the full amount when you make a booking.  Credit and debit cards are accepted.

In what order do passengers fly?

Passengers usually fly in the order in which they were booked, however the order can sometimes be changed to suit operational requirements, or altered by request, subject to the agreement of your fellow passengers.

Who are the pilots?

We use a number of highly experienced pilots to fly our passengers. All our pilots hold a commercial flying licence and a valid medical certificate. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds, both civil and military, but all share a great enthusiasm for flying these historic aircraft.

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed as this is a working hangar environment on a live airfield.

Is there a discount if I book more than one trip?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a discount. Each passenger is carried separately there is no saving to be made for multiple bookings.

Hangar Tours - are they suitable for kids?

The hangar is a working engineering environment so isn’t really suitable for children. Under 16’s can attend but must be under adult supervision at all times with a ratio of 1 Child per paying adult . There is no charge for under-12s.

How do I view my SD Card Videos?