Ashes Drop Memorial Flight

honour your loved ones in an unforgettable way

We have secured permission from the CAA to perform Ash Scattering Flights over Kent from the historic Biggin Hill airfield to provide a memorable final salute to a loved one.


It’s a fitting way to commemorate any aviation enthusiast, services veteran or pilot. Your loved one’s ashes can either be scattered from the legendary ‘Spirit of Kent’ MK IX Spitfire or our 1943 L4 Grasshopper Cub.


Family and friends can gather in our garden area with views across the large grass areas of the airfield. You’ll watch as the aircraft departs from the hangar and taxys out to the runway. Once airborne the aircraft will perform a flypast along the main runway and release the ashes.


The aircraft will then return to the aircraft ramp area and you’ll be escorted down to meet the pilot and see the aircraft in detail where you can pose for pictures.


We also have permission to perform ash drops up to 50 miles away from Biggin Hill so we can provide ash scattering in Sussex and Surrey. For Ash scattering memorial flights that take place away from Biggin Hill we’re able to offer an accompanying passenger aircraft so up to four friends and family can fly alongside in our comfortable GA8 Airvan to observe the moment the ashes are released.

It’s an unusual idea for scattering ashes that creates a lasting memory.

Ash Drops over Biggin Hill Airfield:


Spitfire MK IX – £1920.00

L4 Grasshopper / Cub – £600.00


Ash Drops over other locations: £POA